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How to Reveal Students’ Conceptions of Programming and Designing Digital Games

Batur, F.; Brinda, T.
Grillenberger, M.; Berges, M.
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WiPSCE '22: The 17th Workshop in Primary and Secondary Computing Education Morschach Switzerland 31 October 2022- 2 November 2022
Association for Computing Machinery
New York, NY, United States
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Digital games are an important leisure activity for teenagers. In Germany, 72% of 12- to 19-year-olds play every day or several times a week in the year 2021. This poster abstract presents a research design to survey students’ conceptions of programming and designing digital games and their functionality. The research results will advise computing education in programming digital games. In the pilot study with seven secondary school students we used the methods of brainstorming, sorting, structural mapping technique and miracle question to figure out which methods are suitable for our research purpose. First results show that some relevant computing-related phenomena in the context of game design can be identified. For instance, we found the following categories: bugs and errors, server functionality, object behavior and game execution.