Logo of the chair

The logo of the chair visualizes teaching and learning about informatics.

The aspect of teaching and learning is represented by three circles at the frame/border on the top of the logo. The circles are symbols for three equal individuals, who could be teacher(s) and students (formal learning) or a group of learners without a teacher (informal learning).

The lower part of the logo seizes symbols of informatics. On the one hand you could recognize graphical modeling techniques as a symbol for systematic informatic problem solving (e.g. analysis and design of informatic systems), on the other hand you could discover conducting paths and elements on chip sets as symbols for concepts, which are based on hardware. The lower part on the left side of the logo reminds of the USB logo. The interface-concept, which is symbolized here, is a central point of many areas of informatics (in software as well as in hardware).

Moreover, the Didactics of Informatics as an academic discipline is relating to the interface between informatics and educational sciences.

Finally the arrangement of the people above the informatic ideas visualizes the relation that Didactics of Informatics is about teaching and learning about informatics.