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An Integrated Model of Digitalisation-Related Competencies in Teacher Education

Borukhovich-Weis, S.; Brinda, T.; Burovikhina, V.; Beißwenger, M.; Bulizek, B.; Cyra, K.; Gryl, I.; Tobinski, D.; Barkmin, M.
Passey, D.; Leahy, D.; Williams, L.; Holvikivi, J.; Ruohonen, M.
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Digital Transformation of Education and Learning - Past, Present and Future
Springer International Publishing
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This paper presents a model of digitalisation-related competencies for teacher education, developed by a working group on digitalisation in teacher education (WG DidL) at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Currently, there are various models available that outline the competencies teachers should develop for being equipped to work in a digital world. These approaches often mention various, widely applicable digitalisation-related competences that teachers are meant to acquire, or they are based on a limited or only implicit understanding of digitalisation. The aim of the presented model is to contribute to the discussion of how to best integrate existing models. It is based on an integrated understanding of digitalisation-related competencies that encompass teaching and learning with digital media, as well as learning about digitalisation as a subject matter in its own right. At the center of the model are generally formulated competency goals for teaching and learning, for professional engagement, and for reflective, critical-constructive teaching practice. The potential for achieving these goals is then illustrated by means of interdisciplinary and/or subject-specific examples. In this way, the model can also be applied to specific subject areas and to their teaching methodologies.