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Computer Science Education in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany – A Case Study

Knobelsdorf, M; Magenheim, J.; Brinda, T.; Engbrink, F.; Humbert, L.; Pasternak, A.; Schroeder, U.; Thomas, M.; Vahrenhold, J.
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ACM Transactions on Computing Education
Volume (Publication Date):
15 (2015)
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In North-Rhine Westphalia, the most populated state in Germany, Computer Science (CS) has been taught in secondary schools since the early 1970s. This article provides an overview of the past and current situation of CS education in North-Rhine Westphalia, including lessons learned through efforts to introduce and to maintain CS in secondary education. In particular, we focus on the differential school system and the educational landscape of CS education, the different facets of CS teacher education, and CS education research programs and directions that are directly connected with these aspects. In addition, this report offers a rationale for including CS education in general education, which includes the educational value of CS for students in today’s information and knowledge society. Through this article, we ultimately provide an overview of the significant elements that are crucial for the successful integration of CS as a compulsory subject within secondary schools.